The E-Journal of Advanced Research (E-JAR) is an international, bilingual (English & Hindi) and interdisciplinary peer reviewed online open access journal. Our mission is to publish, disseminate and make accessible worldwide, quality information, research and knowledge about the social science, life science and interdisciplinary practice.

Articles have to be written in Hindi or English. As an interdisciplinary journal, E-JAR intends to cover a variety of aspects (science, culture, economics, geography, linguistics, politics, society, etc.) from both historical as well as contemporary perspectives.

E-JAR will be published quarterly as an online Open Access-Journal. This free-of-charge online Open-Access version is designed to address a wide interested public and international expert readership who are interested in single articles, but do not intend to archive all volumes.

If you are interested in publishing a paper with E-JAR, please have a look at the submissions page on this website.


Vol. VI No. II
April  2020 - June  2020.

Vol. VI No. I
January  2020 - March  2020.

Vol. V No. I
January  2019 - March  2019.

Vol. IV No. I
January  2018 - March  2018.

Vol. III No. II
October  2017 - Decemebr  2017.

Vol. III No. I
January  2017 - March  2017.

Vol. II No. II
October  2016 - December  2016.

Vol. II No. I
January 2016 - March 2016.

  Vol. I No. I
January 2015 - March 2015.

  Vol. I No. II
April 2015 - June 2015.